The tourist harbour of Genova

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The tourist harbour of Genova

Genova harbour

Genova Marina Porto Antico
44°24',60 N 08°55',55 E

It´s a new marina, inside the old port of Genova, able to offer all the new services both for mooring and at land. The structure include a main dock that from one side of Ponte Morosini directs towards the center of the Porto Antico of Genova; from this dock starts four more little. Moreover some other wharfs are flanking the historical docks already existent and along the perimeter of the sea there are some new building of Ponte Calvi and Ponte Morosini.
Dangers: heavy trading traffic inside the old port of Genova
Hours of access: continuous.
Access: follow the access channel for pleasure boats (max speed 6 knots).
Seabed: sandy.
Shallow waters: in quays ranging from 4,5 to 7 m.
Radio: vhf channel 74.
Tel: Marina Porto Antico tel. 019.010.2470039-256587
Available spaces for boats: 280.
Max length: 60 m.
Bans: it is forbidden to navigate outside the access channel
Side-wind:: tramontana.

Genova Marina Molo Vecchio
44°24',58 N 08°55',53 E

The "Marina Molo Vecchio" is located in the historical port of Genoa, in the area of the Expo, near the Cotton Warehouses (Magazzini del Cotone); it is formed by different quays that offer any kind of service for pleasure boats.
Access time: continuous.
Access: you get to the marina through a corridor 40 meter long reserved for pleasure boats.
Seabed: muddy.
Shallow waters: in quays ranging from 6 to 11 m.
Radio: vhf channel 71.
Tel: Marina Molo Vecchio srl Calata Molo Vecchio Modulo 3 - Area Expo - 16128 Genova tel. 010.27011 fax 010.2701200.
Available spaces for boats: 160.
Max length: 150 m.
Bans: max speed in the access corridor 6 knots, in the marina 3 knots.
Wind: tramontana.
Local expert: Pilots of the Genova Harbour

Genova Duca degli Abruzzi

44°23',87 N 08°55',63 E

The little harbour Duca degli Abruzzi is located on the NE side of the outer harbour of and is formed by a dock and some wharfs.
Access time: continuous.
Access: Boats entering and going out from the harbour have to use exlusivaly the easterner entrance, going through the water surface included between the coast and the point located at about 40 meters South of the green beacon, at the head of the outer breakwater, on the right when entering, and the point at 300 m at the strut of Punta Vagno.
Light and lighthouses: 1569 (E 1206) - (AERO M) beacon of the Lighthouse with flashing white light, range , grp.2, last 20 sec., range 25 M: 3 with a steady red light, vertical, if switched on they indicate forbidden entrance at the eastern entrance (light on the traffic light); 1634 (E 1219) - beacon with flashing red lights, last 4 sec., range 15 M at the head of the dock Duca di Galliera, on the left entering through the eastern entrance; 1635 (E 1218) - beacon with flashing red lights, last 2 sec., range 6 M on the rock at about 700 m from the head (area obscured off the coasts from 115° to 303°).
Seabed: generally good for anchoring
Shallow waters: in quays ranging from 4 to 15 m.
Radio: Vhf channel 16 - 11 (h. 07/19).
Berths: 380 approx.
Tel: Cantieri Porto di Genova: 010 2462061, Yacht Club Italiano: 010.2461206, Rowing Club Genovese: tel. 010.2461195, Soc. Canottieri Elpis: tel. 010.2518720 Lega Navale Italiana: tel. 010.2461201
Max length: 25 m.
Winds: tramontana, sirocco and libeccio.
Side winds: southern winds.

Marina Fiera di Genova
WP 44°23',34 N 08°56',42 E

The harbour at the Genova Fair, built especially for hosting, during the annual Boat Show, the boats of the exhibit shipyards, is managed by the MA.RI.NA Service Genova. It is formed by a dock with platforms 1,300 meters long protected by two jetty. According to the Fair need,users can get access to mooring just for 11 months. During the 12th month they have to move whiting the Commerce harbor in order to allow the Boat Show. In 2005 some work of enlarging the marina have started and they are going to last for the next years.
Access time: continuous.
Light and lighthouses: 1641 (E 1219.5) -green light, 2 vert., reaches 3 M on the head of the Darsena Fiera dock.
Seabed: muddy.
Depths: in docks starting from 4,5 to 8 m.
Radio: Vhf channel 74.
Berths: 305 approx.
Tel: MA.RI.NA Service Genova 010.594200 fax 010.532423
Max length 25 m.
Side Winds: limited from east.