Portofino: the little harbour, regulations, entrance, berthing, bans, winds

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Portofino: the little harbour, regulations, entrance, berthing, bans, winds


44°18',18 N 09°12',83 E

The inlet of the harbour consists by the sea area formed withing the red beacons on Punta del Coppo - Punta Caieca.The little harbour of Portofino is fitted with bitts, except for a little part used as hard grid for small boats.

Dangers: be careful to two dry areas with fringing reefs: one at water surface in front of the building of "Ufficio Locale Marittimo"; the other (0,5 m) on the right of the petrol station.
Hours of access: limited from 08,00 to 21,00

Access: entering the harbour, using the canal in centre of it, keep a very low speed (less than 3 knots). Boats entering must give way to those leaving the area.Units must contact the port service on channel 12 vhf.

Lighthouses and beacons 1675 (E 1244) -beacon with a flashing white light, last 5 sec., range 15 M at the head of Portofino (obscured by 098° to 155°); 1680 (E 1246) - -beacon with a flashing green light, last 3 sec., range 7 M on the inner corner of the Sea Autority Building; 1684 (E 1248) - beacon with a flashing redlight, last 3 sec., range 7 M at Punta del Coppo.
Sea bed: good holding ground.
Shallow waters: in quays ranging from 1,40 a 3,60 m; inside the harbour from 0,5 to 16 m.
Radio: Vhf channle 12.
Available spaces for boats: 260 (i 16 are managed by the Marina di Portofino).
Max. length: 75 m (70 m in the moorings of the Marina di Portofino).
Winds: libeccio- sirocco.
Nearest safe anchorage points: S. Margherita Ligure, Rapallo.