Rapallo harbour: information for seafaring

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Rapallo harbour: information for seafaring


Rapallo Public Port

WP3 44°20,69 N 09°13,96 E

It consist of the Langano breakwater (outer breakwater), in common with the touristic harbour, and by a crest located at the mouth of the river Boate. Inside there are 5 floating wharfs. The port is accessible just to small boats.
Hours of access: continuous.
Access: the entrance is ot S-E; keep right both when entering and when going out
Lighthouses and beacons: 1696.3 (E 1255.5) - beacon with a steady red and green light, range 3 M at the Langano dock head(green sector from 220° to 040° and red from 040° to 220°); 1696.4 (E 1256) - beacon with a steady green light, 2 vert., range 3 M, at the head of the Boate crest
Sea bed: muddy
Shallow waters: from 1 to 2,50 m, in quays ranging from 0,80 to 2 m.
Radio: Vhf channel 16.
Available spaces for boats: about 500.
Max. length: 12 m.
Winds: generally very strong: violent the winter sirocco.
Side-wind: II dial.
Shelter: I and IV dial.
Nearest safe inlets: the nearest is the inlet of S. Michele di Pagana.